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Polycarbonate Rods

Machine Grade polycarbonate rod is a semi-transparent thermoplastic that exhibits extraordinary impact resistance and excellent electrical properties. In addition, its low moisture absorption rate and good chemical resistance make it an extremely versatile engineering material and allow for its use in a multitude of industrial applications.

Machine Grade polycarbonate rod has excellent dimensional stability and good strength and stiffness over a wide range of temperatures. Polycarbonate offers very high impact strength, a high modulus of elasticity, and a 270ºF (132ºC) heat deflection temperature at 264 psi.

Polycarbonate Sheet

Clear polycarbonate plastic offers unique properties and comes in a variety of finishes to meet your unique and stringent needs. Engineers actually prefer using polycarbonate due to its fire-resistant properties.

When it comes to versatility in plastic sheeting, polycarbonate sheets take the prize. Polycarbonate is the perfect material to use for outdoor-facing applications, especially those in direct sunlight. In the past, acrylic sheeting was the standard for glazing applications, as it resists discoloration and fading, however, it was not as strong as it needed to be. These properties contribute to the energy efficiency of clear polycarbonate sheets and their superior insulating properties.