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Ebonite Sheet

The name “ebonite” comes from the meaning “ebony.”
Ebonite is black-colored, elastic horn-like material, and a crack in ebonite is glossy. It is clear brownish-red in thin-film form and brownish-red in powdered form.

Ebonite is sometimes called “hard rubber.” But we distinguish with hard rubber that is hardened with fillers.
Ebonite is durable, scientifically stable and provides excellent electrical insulation and machinability. Before the rise of petroleum-derived plastic, ebonite was widely used in every aspect of life.

Ebonite Rod

When the surface of ebonite is polished, it gives a beautiful, lacquer-like gloss.
Also, with a characteristic that does not disturb tones, it is used as inner pipes of woodwind instruments.
With these characteristics, ebonite is widely used in many ways, including electrical insulation materials, premium gold or silver lacquer fountain pens, instrument mouthpieces, smoking supplies, and fishing gear.
Ebonite rods are designed to study static friction and electric charge and are made from superior quality materials

Ebonite Rod