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Syndhanio Sheet

Syndanio Sheets offered comprise fiber board that comes with high temperature thermal & arc resistance as well as at the same time also provide for superior electrical insulation. Other than this, these sheets are also recognized for their high mechanical strength as well as optimum mechanical properties among others. Some of its features include preventing heat energy flow from mold to body of press that minimizes heat energy loss, allows for superior control of mold temperature, helps in lowering of energy costs, oven chambers coming covered with insulating materials so as to provide for low thermal conductivity, superior structural strength for less heat losses, made available in different grades to suit thermal and mechanical strength among others.

Syndhanio Rod

Syndanio Rods are available in various diameters and in unique length having excellent resistance to heat and having various applications. The major features of this rod include Tested for quality and performance, excellent resistance to heat, Available at reasonable pricing, Machinable. The Syndanio Rods are widely used for Heaters, Ovens, & Many other Heating instruments. Syndanio Rods are machined as male-female connector in above heating Instruments.